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Sales and Service Departments
Fabrication - ask for Richard Steel - ask for Jarvis Transportation - ask for Doyle
Phone:  (316) 945-4255 Fax:  (316) 945-4494

In House Fabrication
Hall maintains the highest level of quality welding and fabrication for its custom lifting and moving solutions. Engineered in-house, Hall's supply of manufactured tools, devices and machines have safely and effectively completed numerous on-site projects.

Cranes We Have
Krupp KMK 6200 200 Hydraulic Crane Grove TMS 865 65 ton Hydraulic crane Grove AP 415 15 ton Carry Deck Hyrdaulic Crane
Grove model 36 7.5 Carry Deck Hydraulic Crane Transportation Shuttlelift Model 3330 ELB 8.5 Ton Carry Deck Hydraulic Crane

We offer specialized transportation we can get your equpiment any where it needs to go. Please call us with your request.
Transportation Transportation Transportation Transportation